Plan a wedding that’s perfectly you.

Planning a wedding can make even the most level-headed humans lose it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the super-organized, always-on-top-of-things type. At some point, you’ll find yourself 47 tabs deep on the internet, swimming in post-its, and feeling anxious about something falling through the cracks.

Hiring a wedding planner is one way to knock back the stress. But it’s not the only way.



self-paced, online course


step-by-step guidance


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“Hiring a wedding planner is one way to knock back the stress. But it’s not the only way.”


The Simple Wedding Planning online course gives you step-by-step guidance so you can walk the aisle with confidence.

Congratulations, You’re Getting Married!

I know you want to have a truly memorable celebration—and I want that for you, too.

With Simple Wedding Planning, you can stop drowning in details, actually enjoy the countdown to your big day, and be completely present for every second of it when it arrives.

I can’t wait to teach you everything I know. 

“Without Jen’s help, I would’ve been totally lost and behind in planning.”

I consider myself to be a pretty organized person already, but she gave me so much more insight, pointed out decisions I needed to make, and gave me tons of budget-friendly tips!
Moné S.

The “Vaccine” for our COVID Wedding

We never felt things were “out of control” … We would not have been able to pull off our wedding the way we visioned it without Jen.
– Ukaku K.

48 Wedding Pitfalls

(& how to avoid them!)

Weddings involve approximately 11,946 decisions, each of which is based on another decision, and none of which you can finalize until you hear back from so-and-so. It’s completely overwhelming. I’ve compiled this list of 48 wedding pitfalls to help you cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s with complete confidence. Enter your email below and I'll send it over!

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48 Wedding Pitfalls (& how to avoid them!)

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