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Wedding planning can cause a lot of stress. It requires so much decision-making; such as booking a venue, looking for trusted vendors, picking your own color and theme, etc. Many couples underestimate how long these seemingly easy tasks take, so they squeeze it into their day-to-day activities. I  understand that this is not the only thing that you’re doing. You could be working at a full-time job, taking care of your kids or your parents, or you could be doing community work, which adds more to your plate. The more things you’re doing, especially if it wasn’t carefully scheduled, could add to stress and chaos. Thus, the birth of a “Zilla,” and we don’t want that. (chile that is a story for another day!)  A bridezilla or even a groomzilla is where the bride or the groom is “acting” out of character, throwing tantrums, or being difficult. For me, chances are slim to be a complete “Zilla,” unless you are genuinely a difficult person.

It is so funny to tell people that I am a wedding planner.  Most of them say, “Oh boy, it must be tough dealing with bridezillas.” I tell them, actually I have not encountered a “zilla.” I have had amazing clients, just like you, are people who want their wedding day to be fantastic, and I get that because I want the same for you too.  As you are choosing to be your own wedding planner and trying to avoid turning into a real “Zilla,” it is essential that you take care of yourself during your engagement. There are many highs and lows in the planning process, especially as you are in a dual role, the planner and the soon-to-be bride or groom.

How are you keep the stress down? Let me share some tips and tricks on preparing for a wedding with less stress.

1. Take Care of Yourself

You must take care of yourself during your engagement, and getting married is easier said than done. But, it doesn’t have to be. Don’t turn yourself into a total “Zilla.” You must take care of yourself during your engagement because if you don’t, you will burn out, become grumpy, and have nothing to give to your partner if you are running empty. Taking care of yourself is your first priority rather than your engagement. So that you can nurture your engagement further because you took good care of yourself.

Below are the things you can do to lessen the stress of planning a wedding before it could take a toll on your mental and physical health.

  • Relax and meditate
  • Exercise and hit the gym
  • Watch your nutrition
  • Take breaks with your family and friends
  • Get enough sleep

2. Love Deposits

Don’t forget to nurture your bond with your partner. Your engagement might be the first time you two worked this closely together, as planning your own wedding is a tedious process, it can create strife between you and your partner.  Although this is a considerable time in your life, it can take a toll on your relationship because it requires you to make many decisions and compromises.

On the other hand, it is rewarding to work together on something so significant and meaningful. Making many decisions together and compromises can help you deepen your bond.  You are marrying your best friend, and in all major relationships, it requires what I call, love deposits. Love deposits are like putting money in the bank. You have to do the same when you put love deposits in the relationship bank.  Let’s keep the fire burning with self-care for you and fun romantic ideas to keep you two focused on what is most important, your relationship. Don’t worry. You can start right now with little to no money.

Here are a few examples of love deposits…

  • Having a picnic together
  • Having moving night at home
  • Having non-wedding talk at dinner
  • Leaving a surprise card with a sweet note in a clever location (i.e. coat pocket, silverware drawer, in the seat of their car, etc.)

My Take-Aways

Wedding can take a toll on you, so learning how to schedule your wedding plans rather than squeezing them into your daily routines is vital. While you do that, don’t forget to take care of yourself, relax, meditate, eat right, get enough sleep, take a break, or get fit and exercise. Because once you balance everything, planning your wedding is easier. And this means you would have a better relationship with your partner while you both work on the wedding plans. 

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