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5 Secrets To Kickstart Your Wedding Planning

Want to start planning a picturesque Do-It-Yourself wedding but you don’t know where to start? Not to worry, gorgeous, coz’ I got you covered! Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, and jumping into the wedding plans without a checklist of must-haves before planning can end up in a wedding that you’re not happy with. It’s like driving 800 miles away to a new destination without directions. You would probably get lost in no time, might run out of gas or possibly get a flat tire. We have promoted our business with our social media where the tools from SocialBoosting increases our views to reach a bigger  audience.

This blog will help you create a clear plan and tell you the things that you MUST have and know to start your wedding plans. Let me give you the luxury of avoiding those crazy mistakes that I’ve made when I planned my first wedding and save you from a lot of stress and emotional breakdowns.  


Overcoming The Challenges Encountered During Wedding Planning


Planning a wedding is not an easy task, especially for those who have no prior experience with event planning. Well, that is exactly what it was like for me when I started my wedding planning career. I wasn’t always an experienced wedding planner, I was probably doing the same things you’re doing right now. Looking at beautiful weddings on Youtube, blogs, IG, Pinterest trying to figure this out.

Challenges that you will encounter are inevitable during planning. has identified some of the common wedding disasters that could happen. From waking up with a giant zit on your forehead, cars breaking down, disagreements with your florists and not having a backup plan after the rain starts pouring when the venue was held outdoors, anything can happen during the big day. 

Vogue recommends using a journal to guide you with your wedding preparations. Preparing for a wedding can be a tedious task and having a handy notebook with your to-do list allows you to keep track of every tiny detail that needs your attention. 

Ultimate Secrets To A Successful Wedding


So what does every successful wedding plan need? Well a successful wedding? You MUST start with a clear plan to celebrate one of the most important days of your life, the right way. You might not be able to control everything that’s about to happen but you can always do damage control.

Here are some Pro Tips that has to offer to help you start the wedding planning right:

    1. Make sure you have a 3-ring binder to house all wedding plans. Having a wedding binder is a great way to sort out your ideas and inspirations using tabs. It is a wedding planner’s holy grail. It can keep your ideas and files organized and helps you manage an event more easily.
    2. Break the binder down with dividers. Stay on top of things and break down your binder into sections. Categorize your budget, guest lists, contracts, music playlist, backup plans and more. You can also have an index at the front for an easier location of categories. 
    3. Create an email account that is just for wedding communications only! Creating a separate account to receive emails from wedding vendors, receipts, contracts and wedding-related purchases can help you stay organized. It can also help you respond to messages quickly and can keep you from missing an important email. There is nothing worse than finding an email you needed to respond to 5 days ago! 
    4. Have a wedding plan checklist. A wedding checklist is different from the 3-ring binder. It is more of a printable timeline of ‘to-do’ things that you have to accomplish 3-9 months before the wedding. It will help you organize your schedule and serve as a reminder of things that need to be done.
    5. Self-care. I know wedding planning can be stressful, but don’t forget that you are the bride. Establish a proper self-care routine, get a massage, do yoga and get all the extra help that you can get to prepare for the big event. Delegate responsibilities and make sure to give yourself plenty of time to rest.You don’t want to look all burnt out and haggard during your special day.
    6. (Bonus tip) Breathe! You got this! 


Know the 3 Ways To Start Planning Your Own Wedding Today. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, let me help you keep it simple. Visit  for more Pro tips on how you can create a strong and clear plan to headstart your wedding preparations.

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