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5 Things Couples Should Rent for Their Wedding

Planning a wedding can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Some couples hire professional wedding planners to handle all the details. But there are just some things you need to see (and feel) yourself, such as wedding event rentals.


So, What Are Wedding Rentals?


These are all items you might need–or want–to have in the venue on your wedding day. According to, it could be essential items like tables, chairs, dance floor, linens (tablecloths, napkins, chair covers, etc.), drapery, lighting, furniture, audio/visual equipment, tents, vases and other vessels, china, barware, flatware, glassware, etc. 

However, most venues already include some of these items in their packages. 

Let’s say that you booked a hotel. Most hotels will include glassware, china, tables, chairs, and basic linens in your booking. That’s pretty standard. But maybe you don’t like what they have included in the package and/or want to personalize your event with some extra details like a dancefloor. That’s where wedding rental companies come in. These companies have an extensive inventory to select from and pros who can show you all the options you can have on your wedding day. 

Keep in mind, there are times when wedding venues do not provide any of these items and you will be responsible for sourcing those rentals.

According to one of ‘s data, most couples in the U.S. spend between $425 to $1,000 on wedding rentals. Obviously, you can easily spend significantly more depending on your preferences, guest count, venue requirements, and inspiration.  I always encourage my clients to prepare for their appointment ahead of time.  You can do this by considering how much to spend, narrow down selections on their website ahead of time, and manage your emotions during their appointment in the rental showroom.


What to Rent for Your Wedding


Some things are better rented to keep wedding costs down. So, before contacting vendors, list down all the things you want to rent. That will help you stay focused and feel less overwhelmed by the options–because there will be a lot (bye, analysis paralysis!). 

The organization is key to finding the perfect wedding rentals that match the look and feel you want for your wedding. Before visiting event rental companies, ensure you know what you want. Create a vision board of what you want for your wedding. Pinterest is very helpful in this area. 

Once you have curated images that inspire you, it’s time to contact wedding rental companies. It’s a good idea to try out three different places to see what they offer. You can use this wedding rental list will help you figure out which items you need to rent for your big day:


No.1 Specialty Linens


Table linen rentals have an impact on the overall feel of your wedding reception. If you want ideas on the best linen rentals, check out this article from The rest of your wedding decor will be built around the type of linens you rent.  There’s a wide variety of linens out there, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Think about the essentials first. Do you need tablecloths? How about table runners and napkins? 

Then, there are wedding rental fabrics. Cotton is light and airy, while velvet gives off a decadent vibe. There’s also silk, which can make you feel like royalty. Keep in mind, pricing varies based on the fabric type and length of linen. So if you like the velvet ones but think they are quite expensive, you can select linens and napkins in a different, more budget-friendly fabric and just mix and match them. But most importantly, you need to see and feel the linens in person. Ask the vendor if they have swatches so you can compare colors, styles, and fabrics.


No.2 Tables and Chairs


Most wedding venues provide seating for guests. But sometimes, it’s worth paying extra to elevate the look and feel of your wedding reception. Think about accent pieces that will make your event feel more personalized. Chiavari chairs with round tables are a classic, while ghost chairs add a modern flair to any event. You could have the standard banquet chairs and tables, usually included in the venue. Martha Stewart has some great tips regarding chair rentals. But you might want to go for long farm tables or distressed lounge furniture for a rustic look. 

But before choosing the tables and chair rentals for your reception, you need to figure out what you need based on your event and the number of guests. You will surely need a table for your guest tables, gifts, cake and/or desserts, and wedding favors. But do you need special seating or tables for the Dj or musicians and their instruments?


No.3 China, Flatware, and Glassware


These things are usually included in wedding venues, but you might want to consider renting dinnerware that matches your overall aesthetic. Aside from the usual china and silverware, you could rent chargers, serving plates, and vintage glassware for your place setting. 

As for glassware, think about what you’ll be serving your guests. If your caterer serves wine and spirits, then wine glasses, champagne flutes, and highball glasses should be on your wedding rentals checklist. If you’re going for something rustic, mason jars work great for signature drinks. 

A good rule of thumb when renting dishes, silverware, and glassware is to add some extra in case any are broken or lost. Some rental companies rent out glassware by the rack, which could have 12 or 15 pieces. But chargers and silverware are usually a single rental purchase, which means you do not have to rent in bulk (by the rack) and they’ll appear as itemized items in your invoice.


No.4 Lighting


Some wedding receptions happen in the late afternoon and carry well into the evening. If you want to continue partying after the sun goes down, you’ll need functional and ambient lighting to illuminate the venue and enhance your wedding aesthetics. 

Lighting sets the mood for your big day, so warm uplighting creates a romantic vibe while neon color uplighting creates a party vibe. Antique chandeliers add a sophisticated charm for indoor and outdoor events, but you can also add bistro lights, lanterns, and statement candles to create a romantic vibe. Most rental companies carry a unique selection of lighting to fit different budgets.


No.5 Dance Floor


Dancefloors are essential if you want to create a true “dance area” for guests to migrate.   The size of the dance floor depends on how many guests you anticipate are going to dance, the size of the venue, and how much space is taken up by other items such as reception guest tables and chairs. 

Most of the time, almost half the guests would go to the dance floor and enjoy themselves. So it’s crucial to confirm the number of guests so you can plan the size of your dance floor. Also, different types of dance floors are available, but wood is the most common since it’s relatively easy to install by rental delivery professionals.


Quick Tips: Wedding Decor Rental 


  1. Check online reviews to get a feel of what a wedding rental company can offer. These things can tell whether a company is reliable and easy to work with. 
  2. Schedule an appointment, understand their policies, and share your expectations. These are the things that can help make your wedding a success. 
  3. And although you should be talking to different vendors, limit the number of event rental companies you’ll work with to make logistics easier. I usually recommend clients look at 3 vendors at a time in each category, in this instance, 3 event rental companies.  This keeps decision-making manageable.
  4. Take note of minimum fees, service charges, gratuities, delivery fees, town/city taxes, etc.
  5. If it is a small order you can save money by picking up the item instead of delivery. 
  6. If it’s not heavy and does not require any setup, then you can assign someone to pick it up for you.  One less thing for you to do!

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