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6 Ways To Book The Perfect Wedding Date

Your partner finally popped the question and you said “YES!”. Congratulations on your engagement. I am so happy you found each other. Now, I know you’re excited to tell the world about it. But before you start sending out invitations, telling them to “Save the Date”, you must pick out  “the date” first. 

Selecting a wedding date is one of the most important decisions any couple has to make. Setting the “right” date will give you a good headstart with the wedding preparations. Why is the date so important? Well you can start planning all you want, contact all your vendors, book a venue, call the priest, but what would you tell them if they asked you, “when will the wedding be?”, or “when do you need us?”.

Picking out a random date for a wedding is easy, but the problem is most couples don’t know the considerations that could impact their date selection. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider in picking out a date for the wedding and it will all be discussed below. You’re only getting married once (or thrice!), so make everything about that day special!

Of course, many factors go into the decision of choosing your perfect date. Some of these are:

  • Are you hosting a holiday wedding?
  • Is there a chance of inclement weather?
  • Will there be any large city events at the same time?
  • Are there enough hotel accommodations in the area? 
  • What is your wedding day style?
  • Are there any accommodations that you need to consider for your family and friends (i.e. the maid of honor is having a baby soon, your mother is having surgery, etc.)


Why is Picking A Significant Wedding Date So Important?


Your wedding date will serve as a milestone for you and your partner. You want that special day to be meaningful to both of you. Picking a wedding date is also the most basic step to get the ball rolling with your wedding preparations. Despite all pressures coming from your loved ones and friends to come up with a date, don’t rush! Take your time and think about the perfect date for you and your fiance. 

The process of picking out dates may be different for every couple. Some use traditional methods like koyomi for those who honor their Japanese bloodline, others use the Chinese calendar, some believe in Feng Shui and some still use an astronomical calendar to plot the date. But whatever approach you use, just keep in mind that you always put your heart out and allow yourself enough time to plan for the things that are most important to you. 

6 Factors To Consider That Could Affect The Wedding Date


Grab a chair with your partner and discuss the wedding date. Selecting a date is not just simply picking out a random day or a month on the calendar. It should be something more special. 

#1 Set the Mood and Tone

Maybe you want all of your guests to feel a certain kind of way while they are attending your wedding. But how do you accomplish a feeling or a vibe? Let’s say you want to have a winter wonderland, just like a Disney Frozen movie. Pick a date between December to January and go for a winter wedding. Your date would be set during a colder time of year, you might want your guests in formal attire to create a formal classic winter mood. If you want a warm sunny vibe then have a spring wedding for a more lighthearted and playful vibe. As you can see just from differing seasons you can completely change the mood, tone, vibe, feeling of the entire day. How do you want you and your fiancé to feel on your wedding day?

#2  Are You Going For a Holiday Wedding?

A lot of destination weddings are commonly held on a holiday or a long weekend. It is when your family members, friends and co-workers are usually off from work. Though guest count might be affected by potential conflicts with holidays and local festivities that could also have an impact on hotel and travel accommodations. Taking the availability of your guests into consideration is important if you want your loved ones to be a part of the celebration. 

Pro Tip! Keep in mind that there are certain holidays where some vendors can be really busy, like flower shops on valentine’s day and catering businesses on Thanksgiving and Christmas eve, this may drive up your expenses. 

#3 Chances of Inclement Weather 

What time of the year are you planning to get married? Did you visualize yourselves getting married under the clear blue sky in warm and sunny weather? Then try to avoid choosing a date during the hurricane season. If you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding or reception, the weather is always something that you should think about. The weather can not only affect the mood of your wedding but it can also make or break your location and outdoor decorations.

#4 Large City Events On the Same Day

When selecting a date, try to avoid the ones with big national events like the Super Bowl, Coachella or The 4th of July. The last thing you want is your wedding day to compete with those big events. Aside from the inconvenience due to traffic, fully booked hotels and crowded streets, your guest might not be available due to family obligations and prior commitments. Avoiding large events on your wedding day can be difficult sometimes, but there are ways to minimize the stress that comes with it.

Check the calendar of the city where you are getting married to know what events are happening. In addition, a simple google search and an Eventbrite event search should be able to give you a well-rounded idea of what is happening during the time of your wedding day. There are usually small private events happening all the time, but the ones that are through the city, universities, and other large institutions can cause a big headache on the wedding day.

Pro Tip! If you’re having your wedding on a national holiday make sure to give your guests a heads up so that they can prepare ahead of time. 

#5 Based On Your Wedding Theme

If you want a beach or a rustic backyard BBQ wedding theme, where you can don your shades up and use hay bale seats for your guests, then go for a summer wedding date. But if you want a cold-snowy romance, what can be more magical than having a wedding during the winter season where the snow falls while you’re exchanging vows. If you are getting married during the fall season, there is a good chance your wedding colors will involve neutrals, rustic colors, pastels, or deep moody colors. On the other hand, if you are getting married in the spring you are probably going to consider brighter colors that complement the time of year. Pick a date with a season that will go cohesively with your wedding theme and style. 

To give you a gist, what I see in most of my clients is having a wedding that reflects their personal style. Traditional clients opt for a more conservative style of the wedding down to every last detail, from the venue, the colors, the traditions to the vendors, the music, the food— and I mean every single detail. While some of my non-traditional clients love to customize some wedding essentials to make sure they get the wedding style that they want, these clients never fail me with an element of surprise though. One of them even asked me to allow their guests to use paint guns on a canvas to serve as their wedding guestbook! 

#6 Stay on Budget

Getting married during peak seasons, like October, can be really expensive. Venues are slammed and outside vendors are extra busy during these times as the supply and demand for wedding essentials rise up. Aside from that, you will also be competing for hotel reservations and venue availability. So, you can imagine if your overall budget goes up because everyone is getting married at a certain time of year, you better believe that other couples will also spend more money to have their wedding date during these popular times. If you want to save on your budget choose a less popular month. Vendors are most likely willing to shave down their prices during off-peak season to encourage more bookings.

What are other ways your wedding budget can fluctuate based on your wedding date?

  • A winter wedding might require you to rent heaters to keep guests comfortable. If a part of your wedding takes place outdoors or has an open-air venue that is partially exposed to the outdoor elements. This is a must!
  • At an outdoor wedding during the summer or spring months, you might have to rent additional trash cans to ensure guests are throwing their trash in the appropriate places instead of on the ground of a golf course or park. 


Final Thoughts

Selecting a wedding date should be taken seriously and not rushed. Your wedding is an important milestone in your relationship and everything about it should be planned carefully. Selecting a date is not just simply picking out a random day or a month on the calendar. It should be something more special. Also, be sure to consider the different factors discussed above, that can influence your chosen dates. Once you and your partner have settled on a date, then you can start having fun with your wedding preparations.


If you  want to learn more about Wedding Date Selection visit us at . Let me help you plan your most unforgettable dream wedding. Learn more Pro Tips that could make your wedding preparations simple and easy. 

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