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All the Wedding Stationery You Need for Your Wedding

Soon after getting engaged, you may already be feeling overwhelmed about planning your wedding! Wedding stationery, choosing your bridesmaids, picking a date, choosing a venue…there’s so much to think about! To help ease your mind, we’re giving you a list of all the stationery to consider for your wedding.

Before the Wedding

Don’t think you can wait until closer to the wedding to start thinking about wedding stationery! You need to look into this as early as possible so you can plan ahead. Here’s what you’ll need before the wedding:


1. Engagement party invitations

2. Save the dates

save the date

3. Bridal shower invitations & thank you cards

bridal shower invitation and thank you card

4. Bridesmaid proposal cards

Bridesmaid proposal card

5. Bachelorette party invitations

bachelorette invitation

6. Rehearsal dinner invitations

rehearsal dinner invitation


Wedding Invitations

When thinking about your wedding invitations, you’ll need to consider more than just the invitation itself. Your wedding invitation suite will include all that you need to give your guests all the information and allow them to RSVP. A wedding invitation suite may include:


1. Envelopes

2. Belly bands (to wrap it all together)

3. Invitation card


4. Details card (with accommodations, reception information, registry, website, etc.)

5. RSVP card (or a QR code for them to RSVP on your wedding website)


At the Ceremony

You’ll need a variety of wedding stationery items for your wedding ceremony to welcome your guests and keep them informed of the days’ events:


1. Ceremony programs

ceremony and programs

2. Signage (welcome sign, unplugged ceremony sign, etc.)

wedding signage


At the Reception

There’s a lot of stationery items to think about for your wedding reception. Here’s what we recommend:


1. Signage (welcome sign, seating chart, bar sign, etc.)

2. Place cards

3. Favor tags

4. Table numbers

5. Menus


After the Wedding

Don’t stop thinking about stationery after the wedding! You’ll still need to thank your guests for coming to celebrate with you!


1. Thank you cards

thank you cards

You may decide not to use all of these stationery items for your wedding, and that’s ok! We wanted to give you a comprehensive list of everything that you may decide to use for your wedding, but it’s definitely not required. Ready to start? Click here to shop stationery templates you’ll love.


About the Author:



Alyssa is the founder and stationery designer of Alyssa Napier Design, a template studio that empowers brides-to-be to create beautiful invitations and signage at an affordable price point. 

What began as a hobby for Alyssa to keep busy and creative in 2020 quickly turned into a business to help brides on a budget. Having planned her own wedding, she resonated with the many pain points brides-to-be planning their own weddings were experiencing, specifically finding the “right” invitations. 

Now, Alyssa Napier Design has branched out into more life milestones, with a specific focus on weddings, because we just love love. We continue to strive to stand out as the warm, inviting, and soulful studio that really cares about helping our customers.

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