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Top 5 tips to determine your DIY wedding aesthetic

So, you’re diving headfirst into the thrilling world of wedding planning, and guess what? It’s time to talk about that all-important thing that sets the tone for your big day – your wedding aesthetic! 

Fear not, because in this blog post, I’m spilling the beans on the top 5 tips that’ll have you determining your wedding aesthetic like a pro. Get ready to rock that DIY wedding vibe!


#1 Let Pinterest Be Your Muse

let pinterest be your muse

First things first, let’s give a virtual high-five to Pinterest. Seriously, if there’s a place where wedding dreams are born, it’s here. Type in “wedding aesthetic” and let your creative journey begin. Pin anything and everything that catches your eye. Trust me, after a while, your Pinterest board will look like a masterpiece of wedding inspiration.


#2 Unearth Your Inner Personalities


You and your partner are like a dynamic duo, right? Your wedding should be no different. Take a moment to sit down and chat about your personalities. Are you both adventure-loving daredevils or more like cozy bookworms? Jot down a list of adjectives that describe you both and start brainstorming how those traits can translate into your wedding aesthetic.


#3 Venue Love and Compatibility

venue love and compaability

Picture this: your venue is the canvas, and your wedding aesthetic is the artwork. Choosing the right venue is like striking gold. If you’re saying your vows in a rustic barn, a vintage-chic aesthetic might be your jam. Beach wedding? Think breezy and coastal. Let your venue whisper sweet aesthetic ideas into your ears.

#4 Play with the Palette


Colors are like the heart and soul of your wedding aesthetic. Are you leaning towards soft pastels that belong in a fairytale or are you feeling the pull of bold and vibrant hues? Your chosen color palette will be your guiding star – from flowers to linens, it’ll be the unifying thread that weaves your DIY wedding aesthetic together.


#5 DIY Magic – Let’s Get Crafty!

diy crafts

Ah, the magic of DIY. If you’re the crafty couple, this tip is for you. Unleash your creativity and infuse your personal touch into your wedding. Think handmade centerpieces that’d make Martha Stewart proud, DIY signage that’s Pinterest-worthy, and even custom favors that scream “this is so us!” Your wedding aesthetic will beam with originality.


There you have it, wedding-planning warriors! Armed with these 5 tips, you’re on the path to nailing your wedding aesthetic like a seasoned pro. Remember, your wedding aesthetic is like a snapshot of your love story, so make it as uniquely “you” as possible. Let these tips be your guiding light, and get ready to create a wedding aesthetic that’ll have everyone swooning. Happy planning and DIY-ing!

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